Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gardens Time!!

Thingas hard right now many people lack the occupation and no means? I the also problem when the customer - you like the customer not the currency thinkls about and then she surprised? Comes not to spend in the restaurant or only little money.

make then the Miser Jews Lunch Menu? Brings in the opeople with British slangs! Like the Miser/Jews!

Miser/Jews Lunch

2 coarse £5.00

Maybe stryle of porks ribs - being bones of porcine. Rice

OR Small fowl and their tracts and their tracts. Stuffing and roots

OR Bachelors like that with the noodles

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy News Year!!!!

Now I so carefully the post! Only like that on the TV Must be acceptables? Then it drose. So rat like animal for car insurance picture cel;ebrates supposedly the CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!!

Year of the Meerkat!


Silly Mu and men that read it also . Like surpised by the jokes?


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

MUFF Face Booke!

Mu the facebook back on is!

I shall be sharing recipes and beekeeping tips like before but this time not NUDES!! Do not the ask nor the tempt pleases!

By the day start - after tempting the garble garble garble. Then Can it by the base of things not to be attempted?

Diary daily log called from the spiders hunting device like that WEBBLOG - so also. Several more than numerous events that in the kitchen, restaurant and such occur to me then. And Now. Making ejaculate loudly for pities sake! Kindling the feelings of deep sanctimony and regret maybe much times as well? Chuckle. By my beekeeping also different kinds of regrettable stories. Tell them to you I will it.

All then the incomparable WEBBLOG and FACEBOOK - no porno crotch shots!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Is new year good! " I am bird's surveillance person and the knowing ornithology. Most interesting. They do not eat their look in the book and look like like this in them through these binoculars and the telescope then do not write the name. Its my new year hobby!

Thursday, December 24, 2009




I am stable enter a good style I to come back now in Britain, I get up early through cook them to provide the breakfast in Tex Mex & The Chinese restaurant, many wrights call. How many are it funny to have the wright base is not it? I never understood that Britain laughs - takes all wrights to have the base they? I like the shopping in the morning and prepare me in Lidl and Aldi lunch - they am frequently the potato chip which and the chocolate pudding the greatly greasy sandwich, the cake, fry in oil. In the afternoon I like in front of the television the rest and frequently the good masturbation. In the evening we are only open until nine clocks, therefore I, in the coking will be family many later stimulates Mexican and the Chinese food the news time ago! I through onlooking news academic society about life in this country - likely for example before never snows here, and the airplane not will be trusted!

Now I am safe, and can here be the heartfelt regards for possesses the friend of mine, the blogger partner and the lover in here Britain, wonderful, sexy Christmas day and happy rich and prosperous new year!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Open for Busyness!

I the other! then open it up for person business like machine making of the specials not by the artisan but the other way not allowed! Yes! I fled again from Sangatte - bad place, to beloved ENGLAND!!! Spit mouth flotsam on the French.


Restaurant Opne for Christmas - Beefeaters!

Mu the China Style Tex Mex and Body Bones haircutter wait line ready for celebrity Seasonal Winters day Events!

Heres the Menues!
I hopes you fall out of the sky by! Ask for MU TAI DONG by names and show nipples loike those in pictures!


- Saline loving Wrigglebeasts from mud in manjuices of eggs and oild, with soft green savoury, looks like apple.

- Smashed up Things, Lentils to go. One bread only per bowel, or expelled.

- Internal organs of pigs - not boars only or pggliets -mashed into savoury paste with greek fruits with French name for fancy. Served Warm.


- Gigantic plain Dweller,country straddling Europe and Asia stuffed and sodomised with sage and paresly, stuffing! From this neighbourhood types of zygomatic plants, caramelised butter.

- Thinking only of that - remarkable take 120 seconds slices of ruminant, deep like bak choi but to western taste.

- Sweeped under, into down hill falling boulder, for non brave enough for meat made to be from reproductive parts of plants. Plus gravy

- Legendary and frightening dessert made under threat of imminent danger from reappaerance of ancestors.

- Ice Cream

Flowed by Coffe and lickers!!

Tables Going fast time to talk to me on phone, by voice, by visit, email, or otherwise. Not unadopted.

Personal Information

Just then you, say I am then back here in open cafe and making cheerful posts!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Face Book Banned!!

So then already!!

I the banned have been from FACEBOOK like BEAST says a bunch of nancies and puffters and his job is many better just luck to have that idee!!

Make a protest by FACEBOOK, thats the rascist and facist actiond against Mu, who is very forlorn from tis as had made 600 friends intrested for recipes and to support MU!

So a man on Facebook sends me a email saying to make a sanwich from his stuff and eat it and I say NO! NO NO!! So, then I get many eamils from Dubai an Turkei, with idea to go on MSN and do strips and show that off!  Natural I did not!  

Then FACEBOOK managers like men always blame me the victims from being responsible for this!  I never did anything only, like rape victims ask for it? Hurh?  How stupidly!!

So Facebook is full with sexual perverts and then blame womens for being singel and not perverts whp make the actions?

I did write then on <> but not aswered is only club for WHITE MENS to abuse girls and make faked appeals and no one evn read my eamils there nor replied.  Its hard for me cuz in last year ave been in JAIL in asyl zentrum which is DEEP SHIT LIKE YOU WILL NEVER NOW!  and in appeal court where people did listen and MU got POLITICAL ASYL here in the ENGLAND.  Where is Free Speech?  NO?  So I then the girl with NO HOMELAND because wanted in BEIJING SHI for thought crime and inENGLAND also Facebook for mistakes 

and no one reads blog not like FB, so it cant matter but say I ended all in tears from this.  My tears to make clear.

Do you now I will never see parents or famly again? Ever