Wednesday, November 29, 2006

我的爱好 My hobby

因为您全部我的喜爱爱好现在现在是养蜂业。我对生产可口蜂蜜的我的蜂是非常献身的。哪些我经常使用在我restuarant 。我会认为我会张贴一些要诀在这blog 如此如果您想要做一些蜂蜜或成为您能的蜂农!
那里一定是您想要问的问题因此我生产了常见问题解答! 我可以保留蜂由我自己吗? 您能单独保留蜂或做它与您的最好的朋友。您大概想要知道如果蜂将想要由您保留... 您能几乎保留蜂任何地方人们能居住。他们总不会做gazillion 磅蜂蜜随气候和季节变化的每年- 。但大多数我们保留生物取乐而已! 如此, 有是许多金钱在蜂蜜事务吗? 是, 有许多金钱在蜂蜜事务。不幸地, 您大概发现, 大多数金钱旅行在您的口袋外面。做养蜂业取乐而已, 您可能不会变得富有在它, 虽然非常小人数有成为的百万富翁由生产蜂蜜!

我和我的蜂! 今天我去游泳在Bridport 的在浴之外。不幸地我游泳一只巨型放射性雄鸡跳跃了入我的水池。放射性动物经常似乎跟随我! 相当可悲。无论如何放射性雄鸡是啄和振作在我与它锋利的额嘴。如此我迅速跳出了! 在餐馆顾客今天抱怨我的袋鼠搅动油炸物。我是生气。他基本上说, 我的袋鼠是远的对跳动和搅动油炸物没被搅动足够。井当然我给了他退款但我也许在将来必须检查食物在我送它之前。今天是一坏天为我, 但我希望您的天是好的!

Mine English is post
Because your completely my affection hobby now now is the apiculture. I to my bee which produces the delicious honey am extremely devote. Which I frequently do use in my restuarant. I can think I can post some secrets in this blog so if you want makes some honey or becomes you to be able the beekeeper! There certainly is the question which you wants to ask therefore I have produced the FAQ! I may retain the bee by I? You can alone retain the bee or make it and your best friend. You probably will want to know if the bee will want by you to retain... you to be able nearly to retain the bee any place people to be able to live. They always cannot make a gazillion pound honey along with the climate and seasonal variation every year -. But the majority we retain the biology to seek pleasure! So, has is many moneys at the honey business? Yes, some many moneys at honey business. Unfortunately, you probably discovered, majority money travel outside yours pocket. Makes the apiculture to seek pleasure, you possibly cannot change are rich in it, although the extremely small population has into millionaires by production honey! I and my bee! Today I swim in Bridport outside the bath. Unfortunately I swam a giant radioactive rooster to jump entered my basin. The radioactive animal frequently as if follows me! Quite pitiful. The radioactive rooster is in any event the calligraphy stroke and buoys up in me and its sharp beak. So I rapidly jumped out! In the restaurant customer complained today I the kangaroo mixes fries in oil the thing. I am the vitality. He basically said that, my kangaroo is far to beats and mixes fries in oil the thing not to mix enough. Perhaps well certainly I will give him to refund money but I to have to inspect food in the future to deliver in front of it in me. Today is a bad day for me, but I hoped your day is good!


Megan said...

My father once kept bees. They were fun but I could never get close. They died of some disease I think. But homemade honey is the best.
I love your picture on your blog of the asian lady and the man beside her. I love asian art like that.
Does asian cooking use alot of honey? Because all of their sauces have almost a honey flavor to them.Escpically general taos chicken.

Mu Tai Dong said...

Hey thank Megan! That is I and my boyfriend! We are husbands and wives which a pair teases to like you not to think? Is the Asian plate with very many honey, that is I starts to become beekeeper's main reason. They all have the tasty honey taste! Very quickly again and again sees!

frobisher said...

my prawn balls were cold the other day . . .

Mu Tai Dong said...

The hugest apology to your frobisher, provides you for this me freely to massage or jar honey. You choose! The honey is extremely tasty and the domestically grown massage feels.

frobisher said...

Reminds me of the time I went to a female reflexologist in Hong Kong (Honkers). She took me to a small treatment room.
"Plea remove shoe and sac, pleze sah"
I sat down and whipped out my todger.
"That nah a foot" she shrieked.
"no, but it's as near damn it!"
I replied.

Looking forward to the honey massage, mu tai!

BEAST said...

Frobisher that joke is so old it has whiskers.
Mu Tai do you supply tasty oriental treats to the Bridport hordes during the 'Puffin Night' festivities ??

Mu Tai Dong said...

Yes! ! I indeed! ! the night is the year best time! I mainly obtain my custom they to enjoy the sweet sour sauce from the malicious ghost to use Mi Zuihao! It is very great! But the dwarf complaint are very many.

mutleythedog said...

I wanted to try beekeeping - but after working with them for some months and being stung a lot I realised I had accidentally got a hive of wasps!