Wednesday, December 6, 2006

我有一些坏消息家伙bloggers! 我发现, 我是在日本没有中国。虽然我是相当喜悦的我没有去中国因为他们有的古怪的规则如果我打破了我也许被否决。我不会希望被杀害。日本机器人今天攻击了我。它真 正地相当可怕并且我不知道什么做。它是如他有我发现更加可怕的情感。它看起来象巨型土耳其, 我是非常对它感兴趣但另一方面它攻击了我。我只要你作为宠物采取回到Bridport 但是我现在不会买一因为它会是非常危险的。得心应手为让开虽则放射性猴子! 查尔斯当前做一些被油炸剁碎饼用Ho 我是肯定的罪孽调味汁我将发现可口! 现在我改善是我必须实践我的把戏与我将执行在我的旅行最后夜对约翰和查尔斯的砰pong 球。
I have some bad news fellow bloggers! I discovered that, I am do not have China in Japan. Although I am quite joyful I have not gone to China because some of them strange rule if I broke me perhaps to overrule. I cannot hope is killed. The Japanese robot has attacked me today. It quite is truly fearful and I not to know any does. It is like he has me to discover a more fearful emotion. It looks like likely giant Turkey, I was extremely am interested to it but on the other hand it to attack me. I so long as you adopt as the pet return to Bridport but I now not to be able to buy one because it can be extremely dangerous. Handily for makes way though the radioactive monkey! Charles current will make some to fry in oil minces the cake I is firmly the sin sauce I discovers with Ho deliciously! Now I will improve am I must practice my acrobatics to carry out with me in mine travel finally night to John and Charles's sound of something being struck or falling to the ground pong ball.


mutleythedog said...

Japan could be nice - especially if you get some sushi - you are right about the Chinese - frightening. Did a robot attack you - was it R2D2 - I have never trusted the beeping little nerd.

The food sounds good what is "fry in oil minces"?

I hope John and Charles are well - it would be nice to see them again - do they still have the giant pancake?

By "Sound of something being struck or falling to the ground pong ball" did you mean ping pong? Thatis one of Frobishers sexual fantasies you know..

Mu Tai Dong said...

机器人是巨型土耳其! 我认为我解释了这嘟囔! 约翰和查尔斯说喂! 并且没有他们吃了薄煎饼几年前! - 它是耐嚼的。我发现Flobisher 的性幻想相当邪恶和干扰。我的砰Pong 游戏是非常无辜的。
The robot is giant Turkey! I thought I explained this mumbles! John and Charles said feeds! And did not have them to eat the thin fried cake for several years ago! - It is chewy. I discovered Flobisher the natural fantasy is quite evil and the disturbance. My sound of something being struck or falling to the ground Pong game is extremely innocent.

BEAST said...

That Frobisher is a saucy minx , I will certainly never take up his offer of a 'quick game of ping pong ' again , I only just escaped with me dignity

First Nations said...

having the radioactive seen! enjoys the egg in cooking. two. my sauce, it is very sadly delicious with mincing. scallion maybe three or more have. also no oil.
mr. frobisher is 'household deer' of our neiborhood in backyards and houses but not to eating! ha ha! only to lick.
lovely you!

foodkitty said...

ha naughty dog

Mu Tai Dong said...

我不是狗! 多么非常胆敢您! 您希望舔我第一个国家? 什么是' 家庭鹿'? 爱您!
I am not the dog! How extremely dares you! You hoped licks my first country? What is ' family Lu '? lovely you too