Monday, December 18, 2006

今天我观看一部伟大的武术影片! 它真正地启发了我! 如此我占去了巨大中国艺术。空手道!! Bridport 跑一个地方俱乐部。这有点儿可怕那里虽则。跑它的人是突变体。他有刀子代替手和脚。我是高兴的我未必须与他战斗因为我是唯一初学者。 并且所有的最佳的新闻! Miao 并且是在这个俱乐部! 她说, 她加入的原因是因为空手道是她的中国遗产的一部分。并且她说她有时需要一个断裂从诗歌。她时常发现它一点愚钝! 我查找空手道在互联网。如此我能学会更多对此。这什么它认为! 空手道(lit. "空的手") 是武术Ry?ky?an 起源。词"空手道" 来自kara (?:??), 意味空, 和te (?:?) 意味手。空手道有发展的攸久和不同的历史, 合并不计其数的影响从其它武术和文化。今天, 空手道为人所知主要当坚硬样式醒目的艺术, 以线性拳打, 块, 解雇为特色, knee/elbow 触击并且打开被递的技术。但是, 软的样式拳打和块, 揪打, 联合操作、锁、克制, 投掷, 和重要点触击经常是许多空手道样式的一固有部份。 我是很高兴我发现了一个新爱好! 并且与我我的亲密的朋友Miao 的当中一个! 好最佳是我必须整理餐馆! 它是杂乱从中国新年! 我认为有一矮子在炸锅和一地精在冰箱! 加上微型龙在中国琐事。(我特别地做了琐事为圣诞节!) 它是汉语因为它有甜酸酱调味的果冻!

Today I watch a great martial arts movie! It truly has inspired me! So I occupied the giant Chinese art. Karate! ! Bridport runs a place club. This a little fearful there though. Runs its person is the mutant. He has the knife generation 替手 and the foot. I am happy I have not had with him to fight because I am the only beginner. And all best news! Miao and is in this club! She said, she joins the reason is because the karate is a her Chinese inheritance part. And she said she sometimes needs a break from the poetry. She often discovers an its dull-wittedness! I search the karate in the Internet. So I can the academic society be more regarding this. This any it thought!
The karate (lit. "spatial hand") is martial arts Ry? Ky? An origin. Word "karate" comes from kara Means spatially, with teMeaning. The karate has the development 攸 long and the different history, merges the countless influence from other martial arts and the culture. Today, the karate manner knows mainly works as hard style striking art, to the linearity fights with the fists, the block, the dismissal is the characteristic, knee/elbow strikes and opens the technology which hands over. But, the soft style fights with the fists with the block, grapples, the union operation, the lock, the restraint, throw, strikes with the heavy main point frequently is a many karate styles inherent part.
I was very happy I have discovered a new hobby! And and my my intimate friend Miao middle! Good is best is I must reorganize the restaurant! It is disorderly from the Chinese new year! I thought has a dwarf in the cooker and a polygonum multiflorum in the refrigerator! Adds on the miniature dragon at the Chinese trivial matters. (I specially have made trivial matters am Christmas day!) It is the Chinese because it has the fruit jelly which the sweet sour sauce blends flavors!


BEAST said...

I am a blue belt in goju ryu karate , maybe we can go sparring some time Mu Tai....hopefully you can bring your new friend (whats her name) and she can spout poetry while we do cool will that be

Anonymous said...

Her name is Miaow - she is only a white belt - but she is very irritable - there is a link to her here!

Nothingman said...

wow you are doing karate, I am afraid of carate people, my girlfriend knows it and she makes me do things by telling me she will break my bones otherwise. ha ha


Mu Tai Dong said...

野兽真是一个好主意! 虽然我和Miao 是唯一初学者!! 我认为, miao 会喷出争斗诗歌。我认为它会去象这样! 战争战争我喜欢对prattle prattle 战争战争战斗战斗在夜战争战死者死者死的麻烦仔细地浇灌I 踩的争斗争斗 没什么供以人员! 我未设法伤任何骨头仅我希望我很快将! Mutley I 同意Miao 时常是非常急燥的但她是我的最好的朋友。在您以后!
The wild animal really is great idea! Although I and Miao is the only beginner! ! I believed that, miao can spout the battle poetry.
I thought it can go like this!

Battle battle any which the
war war
I like to prattle the prattle
war war
fight fight fighting
the dead dead at the night
fighting which to die the trouble carefully water I step on
not to supply by the personnel! I have not tried wound any bone only me to hope I will be very quick! Mutley I agreed Miao often is extremely irritable but she is my best friend. After you!

Anonymous said...

"China Trivial Matters" is China Trifle - right? Then you make more sense - its a pudding right?

Anonymous said...

Your poetry is better than that old boot Miao!

Megan said...

I sometimes wonder what the diffrence between each style of fighting is. You answered my question. I think karate is more diffcult than self defense.
I've tried both that what it felt like to me.