Friday, December 1, 2006

最近我告诉了您我的蜂保留爱好因此我考虑我会写关于我的其它爱好。地精做! 现在地精做是需要仔细的craftmans 船的任务。您必须雕刻和详细精美地绘地精。我当前做一桃红色地精, 他戴一个蓝色帽子并且我认为他应该有一根钓鱼竿在他的手里! 但我当前肯定是联合国。下个星期我去中国! 拜访我的中国朋友! 我认为我应该告诉他们关于我美妙的生活在Bridport 。您吗? 井无论如何改善是晚餐仓促来临!
Recently I told you my bee retention hobby therefore I considered I can write about mine other hobbies. The polygonum multiflorum does! Now the polygonum multiflorum does is needs the careful craftmans ship the duty. You must carve and in detail finely draw the polygonum multiflorum. I current make a pink polygonum multiflorum, he wears a blue color hat and I to think he should have a fishing pole in his hand! But I current definitely am the United Nations. The next week I go to China! Visits me the Chinese friends! I thought I should tell them about my wonderful life in Bridport. You? The well in any event improvement is the supper hastily approaches!


mutleythedog said...

I think you mean "Gnome" not "polygonum multilflorum"!

Megan said...

Are you talking about making a sculplture of a gnome?