Tuesday, December 5, 2006

我不知道, 泰国是在中国! 我认为它是在日本但我在这里! 我拜访了查尔斯我们今天去皇家宫殿! 它是伟大的! 我看见了女王/王后! 我发现了它热闹。我们吃了寿司这里在它鲜美我考虑做一些寿司为我的中国餐馆的中国。我必须今天叫家如同我忘记请求任何人哺养我的北美野牛。我使我的作家朋 友从横跨路做它。如果没人哺养我的北美野牛他将充电一个孔在墙壁。因为他是放射性的他可能杀害一些孩子, 恶劣矮小蓬松。在旅途这里我由移民停止了! 他们说某人叫的"Flobisher" 报告了我。他们幸运地没有发现我的海洛因但是我不会坐下一个星期! 我想念德文郡特别是我的康沃尔肉馅饼。约翰是非常有天才的在泰国跳舞, 他们是赤裸在几秒钟内。我不是肯定的为什么他们虽则请求金钱在末端! 无论如何很快再写! I did not know that, Thailand is in China! I thought it is in Japan but I in here! I visit Charles we to go to the imperial palace today! It is great! I saw queen/queen! I had discovered it is lively. We ate sushi here to be tasty I in it to consider made some sushis for mine Chinese restaurant China. I must today be called the family to be similar to me to forget requested any person feeds me the American bisons. I cause me the writer friend from to stretch across the road to make it. If nobody will feed me the American bison he to charge a hole in the wall. Because he is radioactive he possibly kills some children, bad diminutive is fluffy. Stopped in journey here me by the immigration! They said some person calls "Flobisher" has reported me. They luckily have not discovered my heroin but I not to be able to sit down for a week! I thought of the German county specially is my Cornwall meat pie. John is extremely has the talent to dance in Thailand, they are nakedly in several seconds. Why amn't I firmly they though the request money in the terminal! Very quick again writes in any event!
Mine trip Thailand Palace Imperial


Megan said...

I like the Thai ladys with their long gold fingernails and pointed golden hats or whatever they are.
I like how they turn their palms and hands upward in an intoresting way.

frobisher said...

A thousand apologies Mu Tai - while on a drinking binge I got my medications muddled! It was the Prozac talking to the Immigration.

Hopefully you can smuggle your way back before Christmas. I hear deep-fried mince pies with Ho Sin sauce are delicious!

Have you learnt any tricks with ping pong balls while in Thailand?

mutleythedog said...

Megan - it is the Statue of Liberty - she has always had those fingernails and the hat thing on! It is not in Thailand though - I think it is in Disneyland, which is near Florida!

mutleythedog said...

Ah so Flobisher! Kung Fu Master take you on!!

Mu Tai Dong said...

自由女神象? 没有这是皇家palace!I 认为您是错误Mutleythe 狗! Flobisher I 将送您一些被油炸剁碎饼! 他们是可口的! Megan 泰国夫人不跳舞象那! 他们主要障碍物和做很多拍手的地方并且他们穿着皮革长裤, 膝盖铙钹并且他们演奏鼻子长笛。这是令人惊讶的视域!
Free female idol? This has not been imperial palace! I thought you are the wrong Mutleythe dog! Flobisher I will deliver you some to fry in oil minces the cake! They are delicious! Madame Megan Thai does not dance likely that! Their main obstacle and makes the place which very claps and they to put on the leather trousers, the knee cymbal and they is playing the nose flute. This is the surprising sight!

love_like_glass said...

1. thailand is a country by itself not in china

2. china is currently a republic/communist ctry w/o a monarch.

3. tt IS the Statue of Liberty and is NOT in disney. it's situated on Liberty Island in New York

4. "...very claps and they to put on the leather trousers, the knee cymbal and they is playing the nose flute." tt is the ritual dance of some native tribes in Northen China. Thai ladies do dance with gold outfits etc...

5. Karate is a JAPANESE martial art, not Chinese.

6. Japan is a ctry by itself too if u were wondering..

7. u suck, seriously.