Sunday, December 17, 2006

我独自走在人群里 无语步伐诉说着喧哗中的孤寂
在很远很远的地方 你望着我离去直到我完全消失了 身影的轮廓定格在你的记忆里
习惯了安静 语言就以背影代替

这里没有冬天 寂寞的十二月只有冷冷的倾盆大雨
在雨里 朦胧美丽我也偷偷目送着你
渐行渐远的背影 模糊不清这片只有雨水的净土 是眸里深深的水域
一个人的路太长 一个人的风景以自己的孤影作为标记

你走了 我在人潮中很安静悄悄等待圣诞的来临
没有雪的冬季 你的背影就如同我的背影

那是诗由我的好朋友Miao! 她是非常有天才的! 今天是一个早晨好为所有! 这是中国新年!!!! 中国人民到处庆祝!! 新年将是Bridport 突变体的年! 我整天打扮了作为一条龙在我的镇街道! Miao 并且穿戴了作为龙。她飞行从新加坡为occcasion! 我是非常激动为今晚的庆祝! 我烹调Babelfish 咖喱为所有! 很快再见!

The entire place city street colored lantern is gorgeous I to be alone self-propelled the non- language step was relating in the crowd clamored alone you to look me in the very far very far place to depart until me completely vanishes the form outline to decide the standard to be used to it the peaceful language in yours memory on to the back to replace Here does not have a torrential downpour tree tree which winter lonely in December only has Leng Leng to turn on a light the garrulous shade in the rain dimly to be beautiful I also secretly to gaze after the back this piece which you only to have the rain water the pure land is in the pupil a deep waters person's road too long person's scenery by own orphaned shade achievement marks me to use the life to gaze after you to depart in the rain changes the gentle these lamplights is in my eye glitters crystal clear You walked I in the human tide very peaceful quietly to wait for the Christmas approached does not have the snow the winter your back to be similar to my back to be on the wane in opposite party tear light

That is the poem by mine good friend Miao! She extremely has the talent! Today is a good morning is all! This is the Chinese new year! ! ! ! The Chinese people everywhere celebrate! ! New year will be the Bridport mutant year! I dressed up all day have taken a dragon in mine town street! Miao and dressed has taken the dragon. She flies from Singapore is occcasion! I am extremely excitedly for the tonight celebration! I cook the Babelfish grain all for! Very quick goodbye!


Anonymous said...

I love the poem and the pictures - you are very creative Mu Tai!

Miao said...

The English translation of my Chinese poem sucks so much that it is unbearable.

Miao said...

And if you want to quote me, can you please include all the proper line breaks? Thank you very much.

Miao said...

And excuse me, Chinese new year won't be here till February next year. Get your facts correct. *roll eyes* And since when am I so close to you and I'm specially flying over to celebrate with you?

Anonymous said...

Well at least you are published in the UK - even if it is by Mu Tai!

Miao said...

Dear Mutleythedog, as long as I've published it on my blog it doesn't matter if it is published again anywhere else. The World Wide Web is a global community, in case you don't already know.

Mu Tai Dong said...

我抱歉我不知道是线断裂! 那里是线打破?! 那里能他们是的oh 。我现在写一首诗和一首歌曲对此。您认为它应该是Haiku 吗?
I was sorry I did not know is the line break! There is the line breaks? ! There can they be oh. I now write a poem and a song regarding this. You thought it should be Haiku?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should ask Miao to correct your translation Mu Tai - if it not as good as it could be? Then it could be published on the "World wide web" as good as new and no lasting damage done.

Miao - It being an international community is why it is also usually pretty fair minded.

frobisher said...

Miao poem bought tears to my eyes . . .

Megan said...

I love chinese lanterns. I have one myself but those ones lit with a candle are so pretty. The real ones hanging off temples.
I saw some like that in Epcot in the chinese and japanse section. I drew some with prismacolor.
Chinsese lanterns make a glow that no other light does.