Friday, December 22, 2006

大家好! 今天是一相当通常天! 我是在繁忙在我restuarant 。我买了许多武装的乌贼一供应。我去看沥青婴孩坟墓。我发现它相当哀伤。Mutley 来了与我。他发现了它滑稽。我认为他能有时是粗鲁的象那。圣诞节今年是好的。我有许多朋友。是以后的are:Mutley(And 他的朋友Giles 和雌鸟的我的朋友, 我希望她保留她的衣裳!) , 信念, Miao, 跑空手道club(Although 他必须穿着一件平直的夹克的人当他也许伤害人用他的手和feet), Norisystran Hectka 从warlocks 理事会, 地精, 地方共济会的小屋头。并且来临我交在空手道俱乐部的一些朋友; Wendy 狡猾的人, 卡尔你武装了补鞋匠和bridport 文艺节日的主席。如果您想要来是肯定滴下在周围!! 我食用牛肉剁碎饼! 虽然Mutley 有告诉我是错误剁碎。它比去年好我用POLOS 做! 好I 更好是我必须腌制一些蟾蜍为拳击天! 这我的诗关于圣诞节。它比Miao 的好但不告诉她!

击天拳击天拳击天I 希望
诞节圣诞节因为它会蜇 了自己的生命

Hello! Today is a quite usual day! I am in busily in my restuarant. I have bought a many militaries' cuttlefish supply. I look at the asphalt baby grave. I discovered it is quite sad. Mutley has come and me. He had discovered it is funny. I thought he can be sometimes asperity elephant that. Christmas day this year is good. I have many friends. Will be later are:Mutley (And his friend Giles and female bird's friend of mine, I hoped she will retain her upper and lower garments!) The faith, Miao, runs karate club (Although he to have to put on a straight jacket person perhaps when he injures person to use his hand and feet), Norisystran Hectka from warlocks council, polygonum multiflorum, place 共济会 is small 屋头. And approaches I to hand over in karate club some friends; The Wendy sly person, Cull you armed have made up the shoemaker and President bridport literary holiday. If you want are definitely trickle in periphery! ! My edible beef minces the cake! Although Mutley has tells me is wrongly minces. It was better than I last year to use POLOS to do! Good I is good is I must pickle system some toads is the boxing day! This my poem about Christmas day. It is better than Miao but does not tell her!
"Christmas day I like eating am pickled the
system 蜍 and the thing I discovered from the road boxing day boxing day boxing day I hoped I do not have to the Christmas day Christmas day
which too extremely hits because it could sting own life if
will have the samsara and the next life, performed in the life stage in the
red grief in the grayish white silent play last the play but in my heart actually
not carefully
to exude not on
ce to have by now gently decides the standard with the affection outline in
yours Christmas day Christmas day Christmas day and new year good"


Anonymous said...

I am speechless Mu Tai - you have excelled yourself!!

winglicia said...

I agree with mutley! :D You have indeed excelled yourself - you are seriously the very epitome of blatant plagiarism. :) And your name is even published in all the dictionaries in the world! Is that awesome or what? Just look under the word 'shameless'! ^^

BEAST said...

Mu Tai you are so artistic , (sorry typed an r instead of a u).

Your poem has made me weep(I am not sure thats a good thing).

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you

Mu Tai Dong said...

谢谢Winglicia! 我爱您亲切的评论! 谢谢野兽! 我的诗经常有那个影响在人!! 圣诞快乐和一新年好对大家!!
Thanks Winglicia! I like your kind commentary! Thanks the wild animal! My poetry common that influence in person! ! Merry Christmas and a new year is good to everybody! !

Anonymous said...

I think Winglicia has besmirched your name Mu Tai - your name is under HEROINE!!

Anonymous said...

Winglicia has no profile - therefore she does not exist - ignore her catty remarks Mu Tai !

frobisher said...

what a shame someone has come along and tried to piss on Mu Tai party - shame on you winglicia (or should that be . . .?)

BTW could you sort me out with a bag of Monosodium Glutamate? I need it to cut the "Tina" with.

Bless you and your heathen gods!

frobisher said...

I just went to wish Miao a Happy Christian Christmas and I see s/he has moved! Any body know why?

Nothingman said...

yo Mu merry christmas there...hope you are having fun cooking all the good stuff at your restaurant!

keep rocking!

Best wishes

Megan said...

What is boxing day?
I've seen it on the calender before but it must be celebrated in England because I see it here.