Thursday, November 22, 2007

Novel Resturant Peeling Back!

So to Novel Resturant peeling back.

Invited to Novel restaurant peeling back are

Beast, The Hitch, Eve, Mutley, Frobisher, Mermaid, old Friends all not sick any longer.


Asia style linked Ducks or Plate or Seaweed with Worms after the Beijing Art


Pigs, like pigs can be
Noodles in kind of pie, not described
Vegetables option, mostly pak choi
Yeast raised beef scrapings of fat, darkened legume sauces, barnyard fowl


Wrap around the sweetened pile
Eggs floursced and aerated with sugers
Fruits mostly pak choi

So to come then corner and all comers meeting. By intersection of "Fart Street". You to arrive there surprised not delayed or so.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Male men on the Internet! I Dominatrix!

Men of the Internets!!

So then!

I so angry being divorced that maps of articulate rages appear like sparkles. In the bread basket of creeps and the bathmat of living goes round the wrong way always asks my own consciousness of the being to the own consciousness of the being.

In future times will it be a kind or rating that slights the hand – in a juvenile birds chattering manner. Like the most common of the aquatic species the webbed foot reigns! Night time frights for me – never again to be with a the male? Ha!!
Soluted is the puzzle set by the experience of being. Then the special websites – overly overly popular for sure but with depictions in photos of many men.

Join me! Find me then some kind of alerted series of telephone messages transcribed by human hands on a disk of core parts.

Already mulitudes then phone me. Bee bossing yes! Yak owning yes! Male of the species I the one who domantrix becomes!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007




Dealing with Rejection

Visualize this: You see a stunning beauty on the other side of the bar. Your heart starts racing, your palms get sweaty and your cheeks get flushed as your inner voice says, “Go over and say anything! Just start talking!” As you get up to walk over, the same voice asks, “What if you say something stupid or what if you’re not good enough?”

If the risk of rejection is holding you back, put your priorities into perspective: You’ll always regret most the things you never dare to do.

The truth about rejection
Every time you start a new relationship, ask for a second date or introduce your new honey to the family, you face the possibility of rejection. It’s a part of life and can’t be avoided. You can reduce your rejection anxieties, though, by keeping in mind these three universal truths:
  • Truth #1: The odds are in your favor.
    At least 33% of the people you approach will not be interested in you romantically. Don’t try to analyze why; there are just too many possibilities. Instead, increase your chances by approaching more women. The more chances you give yourself, the better the odds that you'll succeed.
  • Truth #2: You’re not alone.
    Women experience the fear of rejection, too. It’s just as painful for both genders. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that one gender gets the cold shoulder more than the other.
  • Truth #3: There are other fish in the sea.
    Rejection is only one person’s opinion. That means there are thousands of eligible women ready to hear from you!

Rejection is one of life’s essential lessons, helping you to avoid people who aren’t interested and to focus on the singles with whom you can make a meaningful match. Don’t let the fear of the unknown keep you from romantic success. Take control of your destiny!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Union of Circulatory systems! Unlying Admiration at final place in queue!

Union of Circulatory systems! Unlying Admiration at final place in queue!

At Final place in queue organ of sight has dug up undying admiration!
United then in our circulatory systems to infinite numbers!
Male below average height with mirkin attached,
Female preparer of sustenance and comestibles by the old Asian style!
Bounteous body sheaths! Yes body sheaths of worm produceds clothing!
Not red - off red and precious metal.
First night make then!
Overcome with it - overcome plus ready for rest - aches the vaginal area.
Period then of rest then overcome with it again! Aches additionally the vaginal area...

The Hitch mighty male human like steamfiredpassengercoveyance. I Not the Polygonum multiflorums.

Illustrated is Base of Building Hitch disturbed in sex making!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

偉大的栓我錄取您! The great hitch I enroll you!

I Mu, 愉快結婚與栓! 我是嗎? 由左邊是容易地分散的蜂上司和戀人。不是那些仍然會! 伊芙不是伊甸園, 伊甸園。開採餐館由高爾夫球在嘻嘻笑的傳播沙漠吃! 偉大! 好! 驚奇付得起。

I Mu, happy marriage and hitch! I right? By the left side is the bee boss and the lover which easily disperses. Was not these still the meeting! Iraq 芙 is not Garden of Eden, Garden of Eden. Mines the restaurant in the dissemination desert which hee hee smiles to eat by the golf! Great! Good! Surprisedly pays. I

Monday, September 3, 2007

For My Hitch oh Mr Problem arose...

Therefore to negotiate other time. He was always I not of being in the edges of sandstorms that they establish near? Found Sad bleak and reportedly to the Oh yes! Uneasiness diffuses like these bees that I maintain in occasion of the hens? Yes it has grown not only? Part leaves posterior? ? Eve of the Oh - getlteman named problem arose lady of the Bible Eve!! Hitch is mine all the mine, problem has raised itself. I stalk ruefully

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Franiais: I for defaire new menoy' for jtj!!

Franiais: I for defaire new menoy' for jtj!! Summer Menu!

Activators of departure and courses of beginnings

the small mushrooms of bag with elements of straw and gram
jumble fishes stewed in in the pieces of shields


Haddock and cabbage - slops that that it exceeds ragoy!ts
the potatoes they are prepared almost, it has in asked
environnants types of notches of meat in the fingers with the kneading

bananas that they explode
toffee horrible the accident of
custards custard of custard of custard!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Profiteerin from The Floods! Bees! and I am Back!

Floodings are the vein stop with and will gain the capitals fund to the subject my wonderful restaurant of the voluminous profits that I made. In the Polónia I bought a part of work of 10.000 cases of the “Chernobil WATER" 2 liters for bottle. It was with cost of 2 pens one liter. Sales for £15.00 was in conditions of vender it it the people a bottle! It enters I was facturada as coordinating volunteer for the tourism for the region. As narcotic! I wait numerous people to come to orgies amazing, the signatory parts, the events of etjke ' tta-lutte and the fights! I will invest in the production of my place tiganjsme ' No. a Kentucky Fried Clucky that restores Ducky - this the right a place of birds of Poultry for Gays' s the people! How much likeable that will be wrote my private desire here érotique of the animal to the more former Smutfest in 2007...Later in my place to the vinegar and pepper! Spicy to the part! As is waited will be peppery. Oh Mine Gods!

Later I report about Bee-Bossing!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Geja' soy each organizations!!

Geja' soy each organizations!!

I regain exactly my as footing on the speeches and the gardens of Devon after many weeks far in Poland!! I eytyhi' S for we visited the house and the palates of the friends and my of neighbor - friendly goods!! how usual, analfa' vito!! I have the new ideas and the subjects, decorations and the surprises - we still open, are yes once again revived for the procedure with my barrier cafj to start! The Polish sausage surprises will characterize with the chocolate and white sauces with!! deserted likes them - as waste of affections of rats! Many I katapli' ssw and will be thanked - all will come for the night from the vein - special prosfore' s!!

Hello Every bodies!!

Like you do cat photos!! I only try up!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Polish the sausagey Geja' soy!!

Geja' soy!! I am turned over - quickly and I djegej' romaj iljo' loysto to Devon! I love you all here in Devon and with my small special kitchen J adores this one! I learned from many news receipts for sausages of my friend to the Polish movement of trade union. I like Poland - but I have cough and thinks that I signed a contract the foot of ditches of moisture throughout my visit. Me so that it is eytyhi' S! It is necessary that you eat meat!! more pig Black Sea it is a dead place! I like pigmeat sausage. The animal and Frobisher come to my house for chow Mein from sausages and the Chinese style and partially noodles!! sausages sausagey?

Monday, April 23, 2007

Clarity of the Night - Endless Hours

This is my entry the competition!! Write about the photo muchly! 250 expressions to use - only!

"Washing in on - adores to work charmingly on my washing in on!

As the evening it rolls in Bridport cross-piece full with only - vacuum towards the outside of my plates and palques remaining and will risciacquatura towards outside the cuts in which naked 3xécutoires it climbed the arbr2 to fight with the scoiattoli. I never plain in - for it east does not taste sky not to laugh mólto small with such devices of mints! To only realize - with large risings and the punishment of the hands with water heat - at the end cleaned and unforgotten the centrifugal spreader - a basin these odors only of candeggiante. I sing while I work hard of my his ground distance through the sea. Work hard while my mother works hard - as of the Gnome works and fout hard relative burrow. To work to be clean foutre and to polish is to live the duration of Driven Tai Dong Chinese Restaurateur of Tex Mex. Alors! if it with the ambient inspector of salute I control there kitchen I will pass the exams with the colors of flight.

Precisely my certificate with my wall. I sing higher and higher of the suds soaped and dancing POT of the seat. It is pure nostalgia naturally - a kind of I dream. Pure Alambicco encourages it yearn to miss of this ground of faced people pudding and their to swallow infinite! It is necessary at least now infinite for rifinire for me my washing in on!!"

Monday, April 9, 2007

我考虑饲养一些鸡。我明显地会卖这些鸡或然后会使用他们在餐馆。虽然我担心, 他们也许捉住鸡流感。这是一件坏事和发生更在Bridport 。我应该做什么?
I considered raises some chickens. After I obviously can probably sell these chickens to be able to use them in the restaurant. Although I worried, perhaps they seize the chicken flu. This is a misdemeanor and occurs in Bridport. What should I make?

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

根据可爱的人民在雅虎, 丹尼尔・Craig 是不列颠的最佳的人。并且那个Russell 品牌最坏。以我所见Mutley 是不列颠的最佳的加工好的人。您认为怎样?
According to the lovable people in Yahoo!, Daniel Craig is Britain's best people. And that Russell brand is worst. Sees Mutley by me is Britain's best processing people. How do you think?

Monday, April 2, 2007

你好家伙怎么样您全部在这个美好的晴天? 我有一些好消息关于我的新餐馆, 这是新菜单。 起始者: - 面包和鲸鱼水滴- 豆腐和未加工的红萝卜扼要: - 橡胶服务在沙拉床上- 浮动惊奇- 肉和二棵菜(我认为) 点心: - 巧克力奶油甜点以红萝卜小条- 地精以地精调味汁饮料: - 柠檬水 我将帮助您所有来临参观!
Your good fellow how you completely in this happy cloudless day? I have some good news about mine new restaurant, this is the new menu.
Initiating agent:
- Bread and whale waterdrop
- bean curd and unfinished carrot main: -
The rubber service -
the fluctuation surprised
- meat and two vegetables (I thinks)
the dessert on the sand broaching machine:
- Chocolate cream sweet snack by carrot strip
polygonum multiflorum by polygonum multiflorum sauce
drink: - The lemonade
I will help you all to approach the visit!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

昨天是一正常天。没什么发生了。我精确地起来了在八三十。我楼下绊倒了和帮助了自己到一个碗面条和鲸鱼哭泣。我吃了观看读秒。我认为我精采地会做如果我是 在节目。我搞到许多词这样; KhjLuODU 和LjkdhfiA 。然后我去开放餐馆。大约十二mutley 进来和得到了他的每日鸡圆滑的人。我不充电他尽量其它顾客因为他是朋友。我度过了整天在餐馆, 几许多人进来。我喜欢我收到的西班牙唱歌消息。我认为它是从Miao 。他们唱歌: "我们是西班牙西班牙西班牙语, 但我们无法讲它讲它讲它。如此有一愉快的天天天!" 我总计Miao 写了歌曲。然后我得到了家庭并且我吃了一些玉米片为晚餐和观看了丑恶的贝蒂。我发现这个节目最不切实际。它没有突变体或地精。如果我有我的方式贝蒂实际上 会是一个秘密突变体。我及早上床了。我虽则首先有一床时间tipple 。以便我的天! Jabber 再很快!
Yesterday was a normal day. Any has not occurred. I precisely have gotten up in 830. Under my building tripped and has helped own to bowl noodles and the whale sob. I ate watched read the second. I thought I brilliantly can do if I am at the program. I do to many words like this; KhjLuODU and LjkdhfiA. Then my open restaurant. About 12 mutley came in and obtained his daily chicken smooth person. I do not charge his as far as possible other customers because he is the friend. I passed all day in the restaurant, several many people come in. I like Spain which I receives singing the news. I thought it is from Miao. They sing: "we are the Spanish Spain Spanish, but we are unable to speak it to speak it to speak it. So some happy daily day!" I amounted to Miao to write the song. Then I obtained the family and I to eat some corn pieces and watched ugly Betty for the supper. I discovered this program is most impractical. It does not have the mutant or the polygonum multiflorum. If I have me way Betty to be able to be a secret mutant in fact. I early went to bed. I though first have bed time tipple. In order to my day! Jabber is again very quick!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

这个岗位可能只是短的。我的朋友和同志, 我有一些严厉新闻。我的队伍被抓住了。我书写从后面敌对线。我们与巨大战斗战斗。战斗保护人年轻和老。大和小。愚笨和聪明。突变体和人。我不是肯定的多久我必须保留这里。我能只希望, 我们很快将被抢救。我希望某人哺养我的北美野牛。他有一些油脂在他。如此他将生存。Mutley 能您哺养我的北美野牛请。我是感觉绝望和痛苦。我无法甚而做我的特别盘。我是与的人民不赞赏真正的食物。我必须去。我能听见卫兵来临。如果他们捉住了我与这我肯定会死。

This post is only possibly short. Friend of mine and comrade, I have some severe news. My troop is held. I write from the behind hostile line. We and huge fight fight. The fight guardian young and is old. Big and is small. Stupid and is intelligent. Mutant and person. How long I amn't I firmly must retain here. I can only hope that, we will be very quick are rescued. I hoped some person feeds me the American bison. He has some fat in him. So he will survive. Mutley can you feed me the American bisons to invite. I am the feeling despair with the pain. I am unable even to make my special plate. I am with the people does not appreciate genuine food. I must go. I can hear the guard to approach. If they seized me definitely to be able to die with this me.

Monday, February 12, 2007

我们在哪里是whenI 最后写了? 噢我是记住。"本小跑了在道路下。他是好奇的。医生说他能唧啾叫。但患鸟流感。哪些给了他疼痛喉头。本知道, 他必须进入掩藏。或Bridport 的人民会杀害他。因为他们没有想要鸟流感。如此本拍动了他的方式对飞机的后面。飞机朝向为匈牙利。在匈牙利本乘蓝色跑车铺平了。本从未实现了他的梦想变成 世界著名雄鸡。末端。" 井大家喜欢吗? 我主持竞争。您必须猜测什么样的汽车跑了本。
Where were we at are whenI finally write? Oh I am remember.
"this has slightly run under the path. He is curious. Doctor said he can the tweet tweet call. But trouble bird flu. Which have given him the ache throat. This knew that, he must enter hides. Or the Bridport person living abroad kills him. Because they have not wanted the bird flu. So this flapped his way to airplane behind. The airplane faces for Hungary. This flattened in Hungary while the blue color racing bicycle. This never realized his dream to turn the world famous rooster. Terminal. "
well everybody likes? I manage the competition. You must guess any type automobile has run this.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

这是我的企图在小孩子的短篇小说! 我从事它好几天! 参见我不是一样懒惰的象您第一想法的野兽! "从前那里居住一只小雄鸡。他的名字是本・本居住愉快和快乐的生活在他的家乡, Bridport 。有一个事错误。他不能做一只传统雄鸡唧啾叫。他决定他能做的唯一的事是拜访Bridport 主教。Bridport 主教是实践巫术的一个异常的人并且真正地不是主教。他假装了他是。"主教! 主教! 我需要您的帮助!" 本哭泣由他的croaky, 尖叫的声音。主教摇了他的头。他没有想要其它参观从恐慌的禽畜。他已经有鸡licken 在他的。某事关于天空下落。他当时不相信鸡。但因为天空最近落。虽然主教怀疑这有某事以高水平放射线。在他想睡的小的村庄。"是雄鸡?" 他"我无法把任何人吵醒!" 主教仔细地困惑了这。什么会他做?" 更多从我的故事很快! 任何一个知道吗? 吗?

This is my attempt in child's short story! I am engaged in it quite several days! Sees also wild animal which I is not equally lazy looks like your first idea!
"formerly there lived a small rooster. His name is this this housing happy and the joyful life in his hometown, Bridport. Some matter is wrong. He cannot make a traditional rooster tweet tweet to call. He decided he can do the only matter visits Bishop Bridport. Bishop Bridport is an unusual person which practices the witchcraft and truly is not bishop. He has disguised him is. Bishop
"! Bishop! I need your help!" This sob by his croaky, scream sound.
Bishop swung his head. He has not wanted other visits from the panic poultry. He already had chicken licken in him. Something about sky whereabouts. He did not believe chicken's at that time. But because the sky recently fell. Although bishop suspected this has something by the high level radioactive rays. Small village feels sleepy which in him.
"is rooster?" His "I am unable any person to awaken by noise!" Bishop carefully puzzled this. What meets him to make?"
More is very quick from mine story! Any knows? ?

Monday, February 5, 2007

Friday, February 2, 2007

Friday Happenings!

我们表明事, 原因主要在星期五为什么我张贴是因为我没有简单地自由时刻在星期期间。我有这样繁忙的社会生活。今天我是非常繁忙繁忙繁忙的。首先I 朝向下来对Mutley 的地方, 他是寂静的采摘遗骸的当他被困住在尿布。他异常的朋友Giles 那里在。它相当令人困扰告诉您真相。我认为我将被惊吓在生活。我借用了他的眼睛鞭子卷发的人, 我不是肯定的什么他使用他们为, 我畏惧实际上认为。然后我决定采取一次旅行在被禁止的森林里。与野兽。这是他古怪的锻炼事的一部分。这是我必须说! 的差错! 我从未是去的曾经再走与野兽。接近我们的步行他开发了一发痒在他的。在我们通过他的每棵树抓了它, 它是非常恼人的。然后他得到了饥饿, 不会停止呻吟。在最后我必须选他某一地精。我幸运地带来了所有二百个铁锅和一些油因此我做了一顿可口膳食。当我得到了家庭我趋向了对我的蜂, 我得到了到处非常蜇了。我然后学会您被认为穿着防护服装当照看他们。然后mutley 的邮购订单新娘和我出去了为午餐。这是坏品尝。如此我希望您喜欢听见所有关于我的天! Jabber 再很快!
We indicate the matter, why the reason mainly does post in Friday me is because I do not have simply the free time in week period. I have the such busy social life.
Today I am extremely busy am busy.
First I faces down to the Mutley place, he is silent picks the remains when he is surrounded in the diaper. His unusual friend Giles there in. It quite makes one puzzle tells you the truth. I thought I am frightened am living. I have borrowed the person which his eye whip volume sends, I am not firmly any he use them am, I dread thought in fact.
Then I decided takes a time of travel in the forest which forbids. With wild animal. This is a his strange exercise matter part. This is I must say! Mistake! I never was go once again walk with the wild animal. Approached us to walk he to develop as soon as has itched in him. Has caught it in us through his each tree, it is extremely irritating. Then he obtained the hunger, cannot stop groaning. Must choose his some polygonum multiflorum in finally me. I luckily have brought all 200 iron saucepans and some oils therefore I have made delicious meals.
When I obtained the family I to tend to my bee, I obtained extremely have everywhere stung. I then learn you to consider puts on is protecting the clothing when looks after them.
Then the mutley mail order order form bride and I exited am the lunch. This is badly tastes. So I hoped you like hearing to possess about mine day!
Jabber is again very quick!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

我的父母从未真正地喜欢我。今天我搜寻互联网并且我认为我发现了什么他们以后命名了我。 信任他们命名我狠毒, 可怕的尖酸的赛。我发现它进攻。当我是孩子I 很少咬住了人, 并且当我做了创伤没有得到传染。
My parents never truly like me. Today I search for the Internet and I to think I had discovered any they have later named me. Trusts them to name me to be vicious, fearful acrid match. I discovered it attacks. When I was the child I have very little bitten the person, and when I made the wound not to obtain the infection.

Friday, January 26, 2007

我今天下午漫步沿海滩并且我发现了二百个铁锅! 我真正地想知道何处他们来自! 您认为小船下沉某处在这里附近吗? 我采取了他们家为我的餐馆。我认为我也许给他们作为自由礼物。 Mutley 继续告诉我关于应该来的某一"恐怖" 。我相当担心他, 我认为他也许得到茜草属植物。我希望如果恐怖来我的餐馆是好。如果事得到重我也许进入掩藏用我的北美野牛和地精。
I this afternoon strolled along the beach and I to discover 200 iron saucepans! I truly want to know where they come from! You thought the boat sinks somewhere nearby here? I have adopted their family for mine restaurant. I thought perhaps I give them to take the free gift.
Mutley continues to tell me about some "which should come terror". I quite worry him, I thought perhaps he obtains the rubia plant. I hoped if the terror comes me the restaurant is good. Perhaps if the matter obtains is heavy I to enter hides with mine American bison and the polygonum multiflorum.

Friday, January 19, 2007

我有坏消息家伙。我任 意地浏览互联网并且我发现中国新年是在第18 FEBUARY! 我认为它是Miao 的缺点我那么及早庆祝了它。她明显地不是非常汉语。并且这不是罕见的非洲蜗牛的年而是猪。这是我读它从的网站! 由于周期月球约会, 年的第一天可能下落任何地方在下旬1月和2月之间中部。在中国日历, 2007 年是月球年4704-4705 。在西部日历, 新年的开始跌倒2007 年2月18 日- 猪的年。 如果您是出生- 您是出生在猪之下的标志。象猪, 您高度被看待为您和纯净心脏, 并且您经常交朋友为生活。2007 年为猪, 所有最近挫折或障碍可能克服因此神色今后对亲自或专业地真正地发光, 或的一年。 并且我有有些我的专刊! "小学是有趣的时光为我。在中国我同时被教西班牙语和英语。我能并且讲荷兰语, 法语, 希腊语, 意大利语, 日语, 韩国语, 葡萄牙语, 俄语。或那是什么我的巴比伦认为! 我有许多朋友, 并且我们在水泥上经常会度过早晨和下午追逐在沙子坑附近和修造城堡。" 快! Jabber 再很快!
I have the bad news fellow. I wilfully glance over the Internet and I to discover China new year is in 18th FEBUARY! I thought it was the Miao shortcoming I has that early celebrated it. She obviously is not the unusual Chinese. And this is not the rare achatina fulica's year but is a pig. This is I reads it from a website! As a result of cyclical Moon appointment, year first day possible whereabouts any place between last ten days of the month January and February middle. In the Chinese calendar, 2007 is the Moon year 4704-4705. In the western calendar, the new year start tumbles on February 18, 2007 - pig's year. If you are birth - you are the birth under pig's symbol. Likely the pig, you highly are regarded for you and the pure heart, and you frequently make the friend are the life. In 2007 is a pig, all recent setbacks or the barrier possibly overcome therefore the look from now on to personally or specialized truly will shine, or a year.

And I have some my memoir! The "elementary school is the interesting time is I. Me is taught Spanish and English while China. I can and speak the dutch, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, the Han national language, the portuguese, Russian. Or that is any my Babylon thought! I have many friends, and we frequently can pass the morning and the afternoon on the cement pursue nearby the sand pit and build the castle. "is quick! Jabber is again very quick!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

你好家伙! 您看了我的词条为故事竞争吗? 我没赢取! 但我将继续尝试。我能说我不盼望海鹦夜。我通常享用它, 我整天被激发。我无法通常做我的盘正确由于兴奋。但仅仅想法乘坐在小山下与野兽和mutley 使我感受不稳定。
但我必须是那里我许诺做中国岩石蛋糕投掷。我恐惧他们将被投掷在我虽则。我发现了这份真正地异常的食谱在互联网。我考虑做它。这被递了下 来从住在俄国的我的老祖母, 它是一点已知的专长著名虽然为它医治用的力量。 牌子: 一盛肉盘Prep 倍: 20 分钟厨夫时间: 1 个小时准备好在:
1 个小时24 服务:
20 成份:
* 8 个猪的耳朵
* 6 个整体菠萝
* 巧克力9 个份额酒吧
* 一个十二被分类的肾脏的从不同的动物。
* 盐和胡椒品尝。
* 一香草荚
* 几桂香。
* 莴苣叶子
* 1 个螃蟹 方向:
1. 责骂和剥猪的耳朵, 和结疤皮肤。
2. 然后剥和砍菠萝, 熔化巧克力在微波或在滚刀。
3. 采取十二被分类的肾脏和剁入立方体。
4. 投入所有成份到目前为止准备在大烹调证明碗里, 破坏香草荚和洒在桂香。倾吐2 公升水和a [ 少量盐和胡椒。
5. 然后煮沸在滚刀45 分钟连续搅动与一把木匙子(这项任务应该是非常精确所有差错可能破坏整体盘。)
6. 滚刀的作为和服务在莴苣叶子床上和磨碎蟹肉(已经准备) 在炖煮的食物。
7. 享用! 很快将写!
Jabber 再很快!

Your good fellow! You looked at my entry for the story competition? I have not won! But I will continue to attempt. I can say I do not hope the night. I usually enjoy it, I am stimulated all day. I am unable usually to make my plate correctly because is excited. But merely the idea rides under the hill causes me with the wild animal and mutley to feel not stably. But I must be there I promise make the Chinese rock cake to throw. I will fear they to throw in me though.

I have discovered this truly unusual recipes in the Internet. I considered makes it:
This is handed over has gotten down from lives in Russia's my old grandmother, it is a known specialty is famous although treats the strength for it which uses.
Sign: Platter Prep doubles: 20 minutes cooks time: 1 hour prepares in: 1 hour 24 services: 20 ingredients:
* 8 pigs' ear
* 6 overall pineapples
* chocolate 9 shares bars
* 12 the kidney which classifies from the different animal.
* The salt and the pepper taste.
* A vanilla pod
* several Gui Xiang.
* Lettuce leaf
* 1 crab direction:
1. scolds with the exhausted pig's ear, with scab skin.
2. then peels and chops the pineapple, the melting chocolate in the microwave or in the hob.
3. adopts 12 the kidney which classifies and chops into the cube.
4. investments all ingredients so far prepare in the big cooking proof bowl, the destruction vanilla pod and sprinkles in the cassiabarktree is fragrant. Pours out 2 male premiums and a [ the few salts and the pepper.
5. then boils in the hob 45 minutes continuously mixes with a wooden spoon (this duty should be the extremely precise all mistakes possibly destroys entire 体盘. )
6. hobs achievement and ground the crabmeat with the service on the lettuce leaf bed (already to prepare) food which cooked boils.
7. enjoys!
Very quickly will write! Jabber is again very quick!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

我今天吃了出去日期在1月9 日的一些酸奶。柠檬乳酪蛋糕被调味。我担心什么将发生在我身上。我的表兄弟吃了一些过时黄油和曾经把变成黄油一块大平板。我不会希望是柠檬乳酪蛋糕, 我认为Mutley 会吃我。
I ate today exited the date in January 9 some yogurt. The lemon cheese cake blends flavors. I worried any will occur on my body. My cousins had eaten some obsolete butter and once turn a butter big plate. I cannot hope is the lemon cheese cake, I thought Mutley can eat me.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

这是一个星期因为I 最后被张贴和我真正地认为我应该! 所有这个星期我是非常非常繁忙的! I havent't 真正地完成虽则。我被给了一些钱和某一肮脏的内衣在岗位。我不是肯定的谁他们是从。我认为我也许有潜随猎物者。我是非常激动关于短篇小说竞争。我认为我也 许写关于人的故事居住在Bridport 。并且他们有的精神创伤。我的专刊做着很好。下面是从它的一种选择。' 章节一个' 我出生的天是一紧张天为我。我感到局促和热。我并且是非常血淋淋的。我能记住我的父亲呼喊在痛苦中当他诞生了我。我几乎立刻喷出诗。最佳一个我能记住从那 时间大概是: "负担负担负担是我我不是艺妓或我认为的Samuri 我是半突变体或部份野兽一切我感到是象情感和感觉一个巨型宴餐深深里面或象跌倒一张大幻灯片" 告诉我什么您认为。所有有用的评论将是中意的。Jabber 再很快!
This is a week because I finally is posted truly thinks with me I to be supposed! All this weeks I am extremely extremely busy! I havent't truly completes though. I have been given some Qian Hemou a dirty underwear in the post. Who amn't I firmly they am from.
I thought perhaps I have dive along with the game. I am extremely excitedly about the short story competition. I thought perhaps I write about person's story live in Bridport. And some of them mental wound.

My memoir does is being very good. Change name although I will have to. Already is book Geisha called Memoirs. Under is from its one kind of choice. ' chapter ' I am born the day is an intense day for me. I felt cramped and is hot. I and am extremely bloody. I can remember I the father shouts in the pain when he was born I. I spout the poem nearly immediately. Best I can remember from at that time probably is: The
"burden burden burden
is my I is not Samuri which the geisha either
I thought I is half mutant or partial wild animal
all I felt is likely the emotion and felt inside a giant feast
meal deep depth or likely tumbles as soon as publicizes slide"
to tell me any you to think. All useful commentaries will be pleasing. Jabber is again very quick!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

我决定我写我的生活专刊。我认为这应该叫做"艺妓的专刊" 。它将在所有关于我有生存生活作为中国妇女在突变体被控制的镇的困难的时间。我将要求我的朋友Miao 帮助我与这她现在转世了。并且我的朋友Jingoistic 意志帮助, 在回归在我的帮助下在他的GCSE's 。他最奋斗在英语。哪些作为您知道是我的长处。
我走通过西部海湾今天需要贝类的图片为我的菜单并且我看见了这个美妙的海象! 它的象牙是非常长的您不认为? 它有很多皱痕!
I decided I write my life memoir. I thought this should be called "geisha's memoir". It will be possessing about me has the survival life as the Chinese women in the mutant the town difficulty time which will control. I will request friend of mine Miao to help me now to be reincarnated with this her. And friend of mine Jingoistic will help, in return under mine help in his GCSE's. He most struggles in English. Which took you knew is my strong point.
I walked through the western bay need the shellfish the picture and I to see this wonderful walrus today for mine menu! Its ivory is extremely long you did not think? It has very many wrinkles!