Saturday, February 10, 2007

这是我的企图在小孩子的短篇小说! 我从事它好几天! 参见我不是一样懒惰的象您第一想法的野兽! "从前那里居住一只小雄鸡。他的名字是本・本居住愉快和快乐的生活在他的家乡, Bridport 。有一个事错误。他不能做一只传统雄鸡唧啾叫。他决定他能做的唯一的事是拜访Bridport 主教。Bridport 主教是实践巫术的一个异常的人并且真正地不是主教。他假装了他是。"主教! 主教! 我需要您的帮助!" 本哭泣由他的croaky, 尖叫的声音。主教摇了他的头。他没有想要其它参观从恐慌的禽畜。他已经有鸡licken 在他的。某事关于天空下落。他当时不相信鸡。但因为天空最近落。虽然主教怀疑这有某事以高水平放射线。在他想睡的小的村庄。"是雄鸡?" 他"我无法把任何人吵醒!" 主教仔细地困惑了这。什么会他做?" 更多从我的故事很快! 任何一个知道吗? 吗?

This is my attempt in child's short story! I am engaged in it quite several days! Sees also wild animal which I is not equally lazy looks like your first idea!
"formerly there lived a small rooster. His name is this this housing happy and the joyful life in his hometown, Bridport. Some matter is wrong. He cannot make a traditional rooster tweet tweet to call. He decided he can do the only matter visits Bishop Bridport. Bishop Bridport is an unusual person which practices the witchcraft and truly is not bishop. He has disguised him is. Bishop
"! Bishop! I need your help!" This sob by his croaky, scream sound.
Bishop swung his head. He has not wanted other visits from the panic poultry. He already had chicken licken in him. Something about sky whereabouts. He did not believe chicken's at that time. But because the sky recently fell. Although bishop suspected this has something by the high level radioactive rays. Small village feels sleepy which in him.
"is rooster?" His "I am unable any person to awaken by noise!" Bishop carefully puzzled this. What meets him to make?"
More is very quick from mine story! Any knows? ?


Anonymous said...

Hope he doesn't get bird flu!!

BEAST said...

The poor chicken , I am all agog to know what happens next , will you come and tuck Beasty up in bed and read me the next installment Mu Tai , I will let you cuddle my teddy !!!

frobisher said...

fascinating - a strong contender for the literary festival. you go girl! althought i have to warn you im composing my own epic which will along the lines of Homer's Odyssey. So don 't bother sending yours in

Mu Tai Dong said...

停止设法诱惑我入您的床野兽不是在上次以后。Flobi 我是高兴的为一些健康竞争。我将让您认识Miao 赢取了竞争三年运行与她"我是一个小的白萝卜" 歌曲。
Stops trying to entice me to enter you the bed wild animal is not after on order.
Flobi I am happy am some health competitions. I will let you know Miao won has competed three years movement and her "I will be a small turnip" song.

BEAST said...

shouldn't that be homo's odyssey Frobisher.......sniggers