Friday, February 2, 2007

Friday Happenings!

我们表明事, 原因主要在星期五为什么我张贴是因为我没有简单地自由时刻在星期期间。我有这样繁忙的社会生活。今天我是非常繁忙繁忙繁忙的。首先I 朝向下来对Mutley 的地方, 他是寂静的采摘遗骸的当他被困住在尿布。他异常的朋友Giles 那里在。它相当令人困扰告诉您真相。我认为我将被惊吓在生活。我借用了他的眼睛鞭子卷发的人, 我不是肯定的什么他使用他们为, 我畏惧实际上认为。然后我决定采取一次旅行在被禁止的森林里。与野兽。这是他古怪的锻炼事的一部分。这是我必须说! 的差错! 我从未是去的曾经再走与野兽。接近我们的步行他开发了一发痒在他的。在我们通过他的每棵树抓了它, 它是非常恼人的。然后他得到了饥饿, 不会停止呻吟。在最后我必须选他某一地精。我幸运地带来了所有二百个铁锅和一些油因此我做了一顿可口膳食。当我得到了家庭我趋向了对我的蜂, 我得到了到处非常蜇了。我然后学会您被认为穿着防护服装当照看他们。然后mutley 的邮购订单新娘和我出去了为午餐。这是坏品尝。如此我希望您喜欢听见所有关于我的天! Jabber 再很快!
We indicate the matter, why the reason mainly does post in Friday me is because I do not have simply the free time in week period. I have the such busy social life.
Today I am extremely busy am busy.
First I faces down to the Mutley place, he is silent picks the remains when he is surrounded in the diaper. His unusual friend Giles there in. It quite makes one puzzle tells you the truth. I thought I am frightened am living. I have borrowed the person which his eye whip volume sends, I am not firmly any he use them am, I dread thought in fact.
Then I decided takes a time of travel in the forest which forbids. With wild animal. This is a his strange exercise matter part. This is I must say! Mistake! I never was go once again walk with the wild animal. Approached us to walk he to develop as soon as has itched in him. Has caught it in us through his each tree, it is extremely irritating. Then he obtained the hunger, cannot stop groaning. Must choose his some polygonum multiflorum in finally me. I luckily have brought all 200 iron saucepans and some oils therefore I have made delicious meals.
When I obtained the family I to tend to my bee, I obtained extremely have everywhere stung. I then learn you to consider puts on is protecting the clothing when looks after them.
Then the mutley mail order order form bride and I exited am the lunch. This is badly tastes. So I hoped you like hearing to possess about mine day!
Jabber is again very quick!


frobisher said...

I didn't understand a thing! have you been at the rice wine again Mu Tai?

Anonymous said...

She went out for a walk with Beast - didn't he mention it? I am afraid it didn't go that well due to his scratching habits, so she cooked him some fodd on 200 wokks. Obvious reallt!

BEAST said...
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Anonymous said...

Mr Beast - was your post so rude ?!!??

BEAST said...

Blimey I cant remember , all I have to say is Mu Tai didnt mention why I was scratching did she....the little minx pushed me in a bed of nettles (some sort of oriental horse play that Mu Tai thought highly amusing).I bet she was hoping I would remove some clothing to stop the infernal itching

Mu Tai Dong said...

Flobi! 我不知道什么您意味! 我只有一块玻璃或八。您忘记提及的Mutley 什么我说关于借用您的眼睛鞭子卷发的人! 野兽我害怕您认识我太很好! 我的确要您跳在赤裸红色和跳动在木头附近。
Flobi! I did not know any you meant! I only glass or eight. You forgot mentions Mutley any I said about borrows the person which your eye whip volume sends! The wild animal I am afraid you to know I am too very good! I indeed want you to jump in naked am red and beat nearby the wood.