Sunday, February 25, 2007

这个岗位可能只是短的。我的朋友和同志, 我有一些严厉新闻。我的队伍被抓住了。我书写从后面敌对线。我们与巨大战斗战斗。战斗保护人年轻和老。大和小。愚笨和聪明。突变体和人。我不是肯定的多久我必须保留这里。我能只希望, 我们很快将被抢救。我希望某人哺养我的北美野牛。他有一些油脂在他。如此他将生存。Mutley 能您哺养我的北美野牛请。我是感觉绝望和痛苦。我无法甚而做我的特别盘。我是与的人民不赞赏真正的食物。我必须去。我能听见卫兵来临。如果他们捉住了我与这我肯定会死。

This post is only possibly short. Friend of mine and comrade, I have some severe news. My troop is held. I write from the behind hostile line. We and huge fight fight. The fight guardian young and is old. Big and is small. Stupid and is intelligent. Mutant and person. How long I amn't I firmly must retain here. I can only hope that, we will be very quick are rescued. I hoped some person feeds me the American bison. He has some fat in him. So he will survive. Mutley can you feed me the American bisons to invite. I am the feeling despair with the pain. I am unable even to make my special plate. I am with the people does not appreciate genuine food. I must go. I can hear the guard to approach. If they seized me definitely to be able to die with this me.


BEAST said...

Frobisher grab your anorak(I know its cold but you cant wear the barbie mittens and hat ) , we are off to rescue Mu Tai ......Imprisoned in some fetid goal.We rendevouz at Mutley's command central ( allotement shed)and plan a daring rescue bid.
I hope someone brings some egg sandwiches and ginger beer

frobisher said...

Is she banged up in "Old Smokey" prison ship? That'll be a surprise for her being a men's prison!

I'm wonder if this arrest is anything to do with the "sweet & sour Golden Eagle - hong kong style" she knocked up for Chinese New Year? how would Mu Tai know that there was only 3 breeding pairs in the whole country?

I love egg sandwiches

Anonymous said...

Time draws on - we must act! I have briefed a team of crack mercenaries (mostly ostrich/human crosses) armed with blunderbusses and sticks - she will be free tonight! I think her jailing has happened as she fed the Mayor one of his dogs curried with rice after he got caught in the traps she gets most of her meat from - that which isn't roadkill.

BEAST said...

I like road kill , it come pre tenderised , no need for tiresome marinading and beating with a mallet.
Into the breach once more(we can send Frobisher in as a decoy mutley)

BEAST said...

is Mu Tai back in the clink again ???

Anonymous said...

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