Saturday, March 3, 2007

昨天是一正常天。没什么发生了。我精确地起来了在八三十。我楼下绊倒了和帮助了自己到一个碗面条和鲸鱼哭泣。我吃了观看读秒。我认为我精采地会做如果我是 在节目。我搞到许多词这样; KhjLuODU 和LjkdhfiA 。然后我去开放餐馆。大约十二mutley 进来和得到了他的每日鸡圆滑的人。我不充电他尽量其它顾客因为他是朋友。我度过了整天在餐馆, 几许多人进来。我喜欢我收到的西班牙唱歌消息。我认为它是从Miao 。他们唱歌: "我们是西班牙西班牙西班牙语, 但我们无法讲它讲它讲它。如此有一愉快的天天天!" 我总计Miao 写了歌曲。然后我得到了家庭并且我吃了一些玉米片为晚餐和观看了丑恶的贝蒂。我发现这个节目最不切实际。它没有突变体或地精。如果我有我的方式贝蒂实际上 会是一个秘密突变体。我及早上床了。我虽则首先有一床时间tipple 。以便我的天! Jabber 再很快!
Yesterday was a normal day. Any has not occurred. I precisely have gotten up in 830. Under my building tripped and has helped own to bowl noodles and the whale sob. I ate watched read the second. I thought I brilliantly can do if I am at the program. I do to many words like this; KhjLuODU and LjkdhfiA. Then my open restaurant. About 12 mutley came in and obtained his daily chicken smooth person. I do not charge his as far as possible other customers because he is the friend. I passed all day in the restaurant, several many people come in. I like Spain which I receives singing the news. I thought it is from Miao. They sing: "we are the Spanish Spain Spanish, but we are unable to speak it to speak it to speak it. So some happy daily day!" I amounted to Miao to write the song. Then I obtained the family and I to eat some corn pieces and watched ugly Betty for the supper. I discovered this program is most impractical. It does not have the mutant or the polygonum multiflorum. If I have me way Betty to be able to be a secret mutant in fact. I early went to bed. I though first have bed time tipple. In order to my day! Jabber is again very quick!