Monday, April 23, 2007

Clarity of the Night - Endless Hours

This is my entry the competition!! Write about the photo muchly! 250 expressions to use - only!

"Washing in on - adores to work charmingly on my washing in on!

As the evening it rolls in Bridport cross-piece full with only - vacuum towards the outside of my plates and palques remaining and will risciacquatura towards outside the cuts in which naked 3xécutoires it climbed the arbr2 to fight with the scoiattoli. I never plain in - for it east does not taste sky not to laugh mólto small with such devices of mints! To only realize - with large risings and the punishment of the hands with water heat - at the end cleaned and unforgotten the centrifugal spreader - a basin these odors only of candeggiante. I sing while I work hard of my his ground distance through the sea. Work hard while my mother works hard - as of the Gnome works and fout hard relative burrow. To work to be clean foutre and to polish is to live the duration of Driven Tai Dong Chinese Restaurateur of Tex Mex. Alors! if it with the ambient inspector of salute I control there kitchen I will pass the exams with the colors of flight.

Precisely my certificate with my wall. I sing higher and higher of the suds soaped and dancing POT of the seat. It is pure nostalgia naturally - a kind of I dream. Pure Alambicco encourages it yearn to miss of this ground of faced people pudding and their to swallow infinite! It is necessary at least now infinite for rifinire for me my washing in on!!"

Monday, April 9, 2007

我考虑饲养一些鸡。我明显地会卖这些鸡或然后会使用他们在餐馆。虽然我担心, 他们也许捉住鸡流感。这是一件坏事和发生更在Bridport 。我应该做什么?
I considered raises some chickens. After I obviously can probably sell these chickens to be able to use them in the restaurant. Although I worried, perhaps they seize the chicken flu. This is a misdemeanor and occurs in Bridport. What should I make?

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

根据可爱的人民在雅虎, 丹尼尔・Craig 是不列颠的最佳的人。并且那个Russell 品牌最坏。以我所见Mutley 是不列颠的最佳的加工好的人。您认为怎样?
According to the lovable people in Yahoo!, Daniel Craig is Britain's best people. And that Russell brand is worst. Sees Mutley by me is Britain's best processing people. How do you think?

Monday, April 2, 2007

你好家伙怎么样您全部在这个美好的晴天? 我有一些好消息关于我的新餐馆, 这是新菜单。 起始者: - 面包和鲸鱼水滴- 豆腐和未加工的红萝卜扼要: - 橡胶服务在沙拉床上- 浮动惊奇- 肉和二棵菜(我认为) 点心: - 巧克力奶油甜点以红萝卜小条- 地精以地精调味汁饮料: - 柠檬水 我将帮助您所有来临参观!
Your good fellow how you completely in this happy cloudless day? I have some good news about mine new restaurant, this is the new menu.
Initiating agent:
- Bread and whale waterdrop
- bean curd and unfinished carrot main: -
The rubber service -
the fluctuation surprised
- meat and two vegetables (I thinks)
the dessert on the sand broaching machine:
- Chocolate cream sweet snack by carrot strip
polygonum multiflorum by polygonum multiflorum sauce
drink: - The lemonade
I will help you all to approach the visit!