Monday, April 2, 2007

你好家伙怎么样您全部在这个美好的晴天? 我有一些好消息关于我的新餐馆, 这是新菜单。 起始者: - 面包和鲸鱼水滴- 豆腐和未加工的红萝卜扼要: - 橡胶服务在沙拉床上- 浮动惊奇- 肉和二棵菜(我认为) 点心: - 巧克力奶油甜点以红萝卜小条- 地精以地精调味汁饮料: - 柠檬水 我将帮助您所有来临参观!
Your good fellow how you completely in this happy cloudless day? I have some good news about mine new restaurant, this is the new menu.
Initiating agent:
- Bread and whale waterdrop
- bean curd and unfinished carrot main: -
The rubber service -
the fluctuation surprised
- meat and two vegetables (I thinks)
the dessert on the sand broaching machine:
- Chocolate cream sweet snack by carrot strip
polygonum multiflorum by polygonum multiflorum sauce
drink: - The lemonade
I will help you all to approach the visit!


Anonymous said...

It all sounds delicious, may I order the Bread and Whale Waterdrop to initiate for the Rubber service I will have the Fluctuation Surprised and then Chocolate Cream Sweet Snack by Carrot strip

First Nations said...

i too have waterdrop whale, in service back of me! to arrive in the vestibule have we seated and have been wait for the meal is satisfy!
this was helpful!

Mu Tai Dong said...

您说什么? 我不了解。讲适当的英语!
What did you say? I did not understand. Speaks the suitable English!