Monday, June 18, 2007

Geja' soy each organizations!!

Geja' soy each organizations!!

I regain exactly my as footing on the speeches and the gardens of Devon after many weeks far in Poland!! I eytyhi' S for we visited the house and the palates of the friends and my of neighbor - friendly goods!! how usual, analfa' vito!! I have the new ideas and the subjects, decorations and the surprises - we still open, are yes once again revived for the procedure with my barrier cafj to start! The Polish sausage surprises will characterize with the chocolate and white sauces with!! deserted likes them - as waste of affections of rats! Many I katapli' ssw and will be thanked - all will come for the night from the vein - special prosfore' s!!

Hello Every bodies!!

Like you do cat photos!! I only try up!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Polish the sausagey Geja' soy!!

Geja' soy!! I am turned over - quickly and I djegej' romaj iljo' loysto to Devon! I love you all here in Devon and with my small special kitchen J adores this one! I learned from many news receipts for sausages of my friend to the Polish movement of trade union. I like Poland - but I have cough and thinks that I signed a contract the foot of ditches of moisture throughout my visit. Me so that it is eytyhi' S! It is necessary that you eat meat!! more pig Black Sea it is a dead place! I like pigmeat sausage. The animal and Frobisher come to my house for chow Mein from sausages and the Chinese style and partially noodles!! sausages sausagey?