Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Profiteerin from The Floods! Bees! and I am Back!

Floodings are the vein stop with and will gain the capitals fund to the subject my wonderful restaurant of the voluminous profits that I made. In the Polónia I bought a part of work of 10.000 cases of the “Chernobil WATER" 2 liters for bottle. It was with cost of 2 pens one liter. Sales for £15.00 was in conditions of vender it it the people a bottle! It enters I was facturada as coordinating volunteer for the tourism for the region. As narcotic! I wait numerous people to come to orgies amazing, the signatory parts, the events of etjke ' tta-lutte and the fights! I will invest in the production of my place tiganjsme ' No. a Kentucky Fried Clucky that restores Ducky - this the right a place of birds of Poultry for Gays' s the people! How much likeable that will be wrote my private desire here érotique of the animal to the more former Smutfest in 2007...Later in my place to the vinegar and pepper! Spicy to the part! As is waited will be peppery. Oh Mine Gods!

Later I report about Bee-Bossing!

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merry weather said...

I'd like to try a Kentucky Fried Clucky - in another life maybe... er, I'm speechless Mu -