Monday, September 3, 2007

For My Hitch oh Mr Problem arose...

Therefore to negotiate other time. He was always I not of being in the edges of sandstorms that they establish near? Found Sad bleak and reportedly to the Oh yes! Uneasiness diffuses like these bees that I maintain in occasion of the hens? Yes it has grown not only? Part leaves posterior? ? Eve of the Oh - getlteman named problem arose lady of the Bible Eve!! Hitch is mine all the mine, problem has raised itself. I stalk ruefully


Frobisher said...

May the Bluebird of Happines shit on you both. Congratulations on your British Passport.

(ps. do we throw rice at the wedding?)

Mu Tai Dong said...

Odd? Basically not arised then cakes and weddings?

BEAST said...

I take it I have been dumped then

The Hitch said...

Ms Dong
As you are only too aware you misled me and betrayed my affections, and indeed a a "problem did arose"
I noticed the "problem " when we were enjoying our last webcam cyber sex session.
The "Problem" slipped out of your pants like a hungry python in hot pursuit of a mouse.
I just wish that twat Mutley had warned me.
I feel soiled.

Mu Tai Dong said...


First Nations said...

wait???! having capacity the relative hardness gift! salami affectionate have wearing in the lower garment?? of bee boss has the firmness of chopped eat comestible, spiced with dry air pendulous and age???
oral cavity makes the moisture copious has for swallow. Ha ha not bird in throat!

mu tai dong, the cookty have ingredient mixture giving, i have the ingredient mixture giving, communicable across computer. polygonums, pelargonium and hemerocallis, have also soup and foot/face of cow.

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

You seem to have upset THE HITCH. Still, looks like you have a kindred spirit in First Nations.

My gran was a First National - an Ojibwa. Not many people know that.

BEAST said...

野兽被熔铸了在旁边象老sock.I 将掩藏在孑然我的堡垒和将趋向我的伤心。噢Mu Tai 怎么能您是很残暴的
The wild animal is cast has likely hidden in side old sock.I in is solitary I the fortress and tends to my sadness. How oh Mu Tai you be very cruel

Anonymous said...

I think you should try to explain whats going on Mu. As I understand it The Hitch had asked for your hand in marriage, then he was distracted by your pet anaconda and broke it off believing you to be a man. As he rightly said - once bitten twice shy - he had just found out that Eve is a man.

Meanwhile The Beast is upset as he always believed that you would engage in cyber sex with him.. Like you did with Maxx.

Have I got this right?

BEAST said...

Whatever ,
to salve my broken heart ,I will go to a lap dancing club ...... want to come MR Mutley ????
We can take Mr Hitch as well , maybe between us we can stop him zeroing in on the nearest tranny

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Anaconda? Now I'm interested. Great skyness reachings! Hope love for seeking on cyber cam. thoughtings for pervisity not roused in cock.

Newforestandy said...

Well what goes up must come down, tho would never have said you were a stalker, Mu Tai!

On the other hand....... would place Mr Beast in the stalking and peeping Tom category anyday