Thursday, November 22, 2007

Novel Resturant Peeling Back!

So to Novel Resturant peeling back.

Invited to Novel restaurant peeling back are

Beast, The Hitch, Eve, Mutley, Frobisher, Mermaid, old Friends all not sick any longer.


Asia style linked Ducks or Plate or Seaweed with Worms after the Beijing Art


Pigs, like pigs can be
Noodles in kind of pie, not described
Vegetables option, mostly pak choi
Yeast raised beef scrapings of fat, darkened legume sauces, barnyard fowl


Wrap around the sweetened pile
Eggs floursced and aerated with sugers
Fruits mostly pak choi

So to come then corner and all comers meeting. By intersection of "Fart Street". You to arrive there surprised not delayed or so.