Friday, March 21, 2008

Mushrooms and Naked Girls!!

I take magicmushrooms formy mushrroms in blackbean suaces. Delicious to share muabe times?

I feel so horny I search naked girls photos on internets.. I like to see naked girlpix!! Maybe you send me some ofyou naked? Thats OK by me for sure


BEAST said...

I knew those Bifocal glasses were a mistake.
Mark my words I said, they would lead to all sorts of 'continental' behaviour

Keshi said...

I like mushrooms hehe.


Anonymous said...

Its a good job your so busy Ms Mu!!

FirstNations said...

good gravy marie mu taidong, you are suddenly a blogging dynamo! i have taken offense at not having been invited to your eating establishment and further am disturbed by being left out of the aerated egg desert. i am willing to let all this go, however, in the interests of preserving international accord. therefore i say WELCOME BACK to my favorite polyganum-spazmoid and wish you, as you would say, "many having the fragile wait happily the merry vagina, trucks, dogs with jobs, to acheiving or getting a fine time!"

BEAST said...

Oh gawd .....its catching

Frobisher said...

Cock pic should be in your "inbox" now!

Frobi xx