Thursday, December 24, 2009




I am stable enter a good style I to come back now in Britain, I get up early through cook them to provide the breakfast in Tex Mex & The Chinese restaurant, many wrights call. How many are it funny to have the wright base is not it? I never understood that Britain laughs - takes all wrights to have the base they? I like the shopping in the morning and prepare me in Lidl and Aldi lunch - they am frequently the potato chip which and the chocolate pudding the greatly greasy sandwich, the cake, fry in oil. In the afternoon I like in front of the television the rest and frequently the good masturbation. In the evening we are only open until nine clocks, therefore I, in the coking will be family many later stimulates Mexican and the Chinese food the news time ago! I through onlooking news academic society about life in this country - likely for example before never snows here, and the airplane not will be trusted!

Now I am safe, and can here be the heartfelt regards for possesses the friend of mine, the blogger partner and the lover in here Britain, wonderful, sexy Christmas day and happy rich and prosperous new year!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Open for Busyness!

I the other! then open it up for person business like machine making of the specials not by the artisan but the other way not allowed! Yes! I fled again from Sangatte - bad place, to beloved ENGLAND!!! Spit mouth flotsam on the French.


Restaurant Opne for Christmas - Beefeaters!

Mu the China Style Tex Mex and Body Bones haircutter wait line ready for celebrity Seasonal Winters day Events!

Heres the Menues!
I hopes you fall out of the sky by! Ask for MU TAI DONG by names and show nipples loike those in pictures!


- Saline loving Wrigglebeasts from mud in manjuices of eggs and oild, with soft green savoury, looks like apple.

- Smashed up Things, Lentils to go. One bread only per bowel, or expelled.

- Internal organs of pigs - not boars only or pggliets -mashed into savoury paste with greek fruits with French name for fancy. Served Warm.


- Gigantic plain Dweller,country straddling Europe and Asia stuffed and sodomised with sage and paresly, stuffing! From this neighbourhood types of zygomatic plants, caramelised butter.

- Thinking only of that - remarkable take 120 seconds slices of ruminant, deep like bak choi but to western taste.

- Sweeped under, into down hill falling boulder, for non brave enough for meat made to be from reproductive parts of plants. Plus gravy

- Legendary and frightening dessert made under threat of imminent danger from reappaerance of ancestors.

- Ice Cream

Flowed by Coffe and lickers!!

Tables Going fast time to talk to me on phone, by voice, by visit, email, or otherwise. Not unadopted.

Personal Information

Just then you, say I am then back here in open cafe and making cheerful posts!