Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy News Year!!!!

Now I so carefully the post! Only like that on the TV Must be acceptables? Then it drose. So rat like animal for car insurance picture cel;ebrates supposedly the CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!!

Year of the Meerkat!


Silly Mu and men that read it also . Like surpised by the jokes?


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

MUFF Face Booke!

Mu the facebook back on is!

I shall be sharing recipes and beekeeping tips like before but this time not NUDES!! Do not the ask nor the tempt pleases!

By the day start - after tempting the garble garble garble. Then Can it by the base of things not to be attempted?

Diary daily log called from the spiders hunting device like that WEBBLOG - so also. Several more than numerous events that in the kitchen, restaurant and such occur to me then. And Now. Making ejaculate loudly for pities sake! Kindling the feelings of deep sanctimony and regret maybe much times as well? Chuckle. By my beekeeping also different kinds of regrettable stories. Tell them to you I will it.

All then the incomparable WEBBLOG and FACEBOOK - no porno crotch shots!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Is new year good! " I am bird's surveillance person and the knowing ornithology. Most interesting. They do not eat their look in the book and look like like this in them through these binoculars and the telescope then do not write the name. Its my new year hobby!